Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Competition Results and Updates

First of all, competition results!

Reverse Role American Rumba: 5th place [I had to be a boy and my partner had to be the girl. It was....interesting lol]
Bronze International Cha Cha: 4th Place
Bronze American Cha Cha: 4th Place
Bronze American Rumba: 3rd Place
Bronze International Rumba: 4th Place
Bronze American Swing: 4th Place
Silver American Swing: 7th Place
Bronze International Jive: 1st place!!! (What I was most proud of, obviously. We worked really hard. This is the "cardio" dance, so that's really saying something!)

I'm really happy with how we did, overall. It was a small competition, but the accomplishments were big and my partner and I both feel like we can do really well and go really far now, which is great.

Well, there's nothing much to update on. My weight has not changed at all. I'm going to weigh in again next Monday morning and hope for a loss. One update: I can no longer sit on my ass. And I mean this quite literally. My ankle was really hurting yesterday and I didn't understand why, until I thought about what I had been doing differently. I realized that on Sunday and Monday, I had been sitting on my butt, not exercising and not dancing. I was giving myself a break. My body/my ankle did NOT like that. At all. I don't have a choice but to work out or dance now. I have to move. Because otherwise my ankle gets stiff. Last night, I danced for 2 hours and then stretched and massaged my ankle for hours and it didn't feel any better. But then I slept it off and this morning, after all that stretching and dancing, I felt much better. Off to read some blogs/do some work/eat an orange.