Monday, December 12, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a ridiculous amount of time, almost a half a year. But I think I need to blog again. Finals week has me stressed beyond belief and I had a breakdown in the library today. I started crying over my GPA (a 3.34 to keep me honest). Well, I saw my GPA and got really upset. Then my dance partner and one of my best friends (we'll call him G from here on out) tried to make me laugh and spilled Diet Coke on my jeans, which normally wouldn't upset me, except I just started crying and couldn't stop to do my work. Eventually, he calmed me down and pinky promised that I would get into a good law school. Let's hope he can keep up his end of the deal.

I haven't been able to exercise or eat right for the past week or so and I honestly haven't been trying, because I'm pretty okay where I am. I'm at 172.8, which is the thinnest I've been and I feel fine. However, "pretty okay" hasn't been cutting it lately. So once finals week is over and I'm back home, I'm back on track. I actually feel really excited and motivated--I just need to get through this week.

Good News
I fit into size 8 jeans. I mean, it's not pretty. I have a muffin top and it's just unattractive. But they technically fit and they even close. So that's a huge accomplishment. I fit into a size 10 normally, now, in American Eagle jeans, which I used to not be able to wear. I bought a pair of size 8's from AE just because I wanted to make sure I fit into them soon. And I think I will.
I'll try to update more before the end of this week, but no promises. My finals are giving me a headache and they're awful. But I will definitely try! If not, after my last final it is!

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